USB hub 1 drag 12 divider

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USB hub 1 drag 12 divider

1. One USB interface can be extended into 12 independent working USB interfaces.
2. Support usb1.0/1.1, compatible with USB2.0, up to 12Mbps.
3. Second generation USB HUB controller is adopted, with power supply up to 500MA per USB interface.
4. Streamline ultra-thin design with working indicator light.
5. Built-in current overload short circuit protection device.
6. Use high-quality electronic devices to ensure stable operation.
7. No external power supply, easy to use.
8. Automatic computer identification and installation, no driver, plug and play, plug and pull.
9. The system support: Windows98SE/Me / 2000 / XP, Linux2.4 andMac os8.5 or above.
10. Transparent fashion appearance, compact and practical, easy to carry.


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